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Chandler Hot Oil Units are designed to be safe and efficient to operate. They come equipped with many standard features that are options from other manufacturers. The units are easy to maintain and incredibly durable often outlasting the trucks they are mounted on. Chandler Hot Oil Units are available with Propane or Diesel-Fired heaters. Service tanks are available in round, rectangular flat-bottom and rectangular V-bottom designs. Typical Specifications are shown below:


  • Unit Main Frame is W10X17# Beam
  • Crossmembers and Outriggers are 4” Channel
  • Rear Bumper is Constructed of 1/4” Plate
  • Unit is Attached to Truck with 1/2” Plate Tiedowns and Grade 8 Bolts • Built-In Suction Hose Storage Under Service Tank

Heater – Propane-Fired or SUPERTHERM® Diesel-Fired

  • Available from 4 Million BTU/h to 20 Million BTU/h Input
  • Single-Path Layered Return Bend Coil Layout
  • Coil Constructed of Schedule 40 SA-106 Seamless Pipe & Return Bends
  • Coil Hydrostatically Tested to 2000 PSI
  • Spark Ignited Pilot Burner
  • Heater Walls Constructed of 3/16” Plate
  • Walls Lined with 5” of Ceramic Fiber Insulation Rated at 2300°F
  • Insulated Heater Hood Constructed of 1/8” plate
  • CO2 Fire Suppression System
  • Automatic Temperature Controller

Standard Service Tank

  • Available in single or multiple compartment designs up to 100 Bbl total capacity
  • Round, Rectangular Flat-Bottom & Rectangular V-Bottom Designs
  • Tank Floor and Walls constructed of 1/4” Plate
  • Full Height & Width Tank Baffles and Roof constructed of 3/16” Plate
  • Graduated Red-Line Sight Glass with Shut-Off Valves and Guard
  • Two (2) 2” Vent Pipes Extended Above Rear Bumper
  • Access Ladder on Driver Side of Unit
  • One (1) 20” Square Cleanout Flush with Tank Floor
  • One (1) 20” Hot-Oil-Style Manway with Integral Vent
  • 6” Sump with 2” Drain Plug

High Pressure Pump

  • SMC T165-5 (TEE99E) Triplex Pump
  • 3” Colomony Plungers
  • 5” Stroke
  • High Pressure Cast Steel Fluid End for Well Service
  • Hardened Steel Valve Seats
  • Pump is Mechanically Driven with Spicer 784 Auxiliary Transmission
  • Heavy Duty Universal Joints and Driveline
  • Heavy Duty Chain Drive with 2.5:1 Ratio

Feed Pump

  • 3” Viking Feed Pump Model LV-3900
  • Mechanically Driven from Truck Transmission Mounted PTO
  • 4-Speed Transmission for Adjustable Pump Speeds
  • Gate Valve Bypass Back to Pump Suction

Load Pump

  • 3” Bowie Feed Pump Model 3300
  • Mechanically Driven from Truck Transmission Mounted PTO


A) Suction lines:

  • 3" Schedule 40 SA-106 Seamless Pipe & Weld Fittings
  • Demco Butterfly Valves with Nickel-Plated Disc and Buna Seat
  • One (1) Suction Line near Floor of Service Tank
  • One (1) Suction Line at 25-Bbl Level of Service Tank
  • High Pressure Pump Suction Direct from Tank
  • Brass Cam-Lock Loading Connections on Rear Bumper & Both Sides of unit

B) Manifold:

  • 2” Schedule 80 SA-106 Seamless Pipe & Weld Fittings
  • Three (3) Marpac Ball Valves with Stainless Trim & TFE Seals
  • Steel Bodied Gate Valve between Manifold and High Pressure Piping

C) High Pressure Piping:

  • 2” Schedule 160 SA-106 Seamless Pipe & Weld Fittings to Rear of Unit
  • 1-1/2” Schedule 80 Seamless Pipe Swing Joint on Rear Bumper
  • Two (2) 1-1/2” 6000 PSI Swivels on Swing Joint
  • Two (2) 5000 PSI Ball Check Valves
  • One (1) 1” 10000 PSI Bypass Valve Piped into Feed Pump Suction

D) Temperature and Pressure Gauges Mounted in Manifold


Control Panel

  • Murphy Temperature Gauges for Heater Inlet & Outlet
  • Murphy Pressure Gauges for Feed Pump & High Pressure Pump
  • Above Gauges have High and Low Adjustable Contact Points to Stop Fuel to Burners at Desired Set Points
  • Electronic Flow Switch to Stop Fuel to the Burner if Coil Circulation is Lost
  • CO2 Switch to Simultaneously Stop Fuel to Burners & Activate Fire Supression in Heater
  • Burner Pressure Gauge
  • Push Button or Timer Switch Spark Ignition for Burners
  • LED LIghting for Night Time Operation
  • Heavy Duty Air Shifters for Clutch and all Pumps
  • All Wiring Connections are soldered

Fuel System

  • One (1) "Stacked-250" ASME Code Fuel Tank (500 gallons total capactiy)
  • Fuel Tank Mounted with 1/4" Steel Brackets
  • Fuel Solenoid Valve Shuts off Fuel Supply when Signaled by Control Panel


  • • One (1) Fire Extinguisher (20 lbs Dry Chemical) Mounted on Rear of Unit
  • Seven (7) 1 ½” Schedule 80 Steel x 13 ft. (approx.) Discharge Pipes w/unions
  • Six (6) 3” x 12 ½ ft. Suction Hoses with Brass Cam-Lock Connections
  • Two (2) 48”12-Gauge Steel Toolboxes Under Heater
  • Two (2) 36” 12-Gauge Steel Toolboxes at Rear of Unit
  • Two (2) Chemical Tanks Mounted Inside the Rear Bumper
  • Hose Rack on Rear Bumper for Customer Supplied Discharge Hose
  • Five (5) External Lights for Night Operations
  • Heavy Duty Pipe Racks with Doors on Passenger Side for Discharge Pipes


  • Sandblasted, Primed and Painted with a High Quality Polyurethane Epoxy
  • Customer Designated Paint Scheme of Two (2) Colors
Chandler Manufacturing constructs each unit to our customers’ specifications. We do not build “cookie-cutter” equipment. Our sales and engineering staff can work with you do design a Hot Oil Unit that meets your specific needs. Several popular options are listed below.

Optional Equipment

  • Automatic Heater Hood Closers – hood closers prevent water and debris from entering the heater when it is not in use. They provide an additional safety measure by closing when the fire suppression system is triggered to help snuff out fires. Hood closers are standard on Oil-Fired Heaters
  • Stainless Steel Burner Tips (Propane-Fired) – withstand heat better and therefore have are longer lasting than standard carbon steel tips.
  • Insulated Vaporizer (Propane-Fired) – recommended for very cold climates, improves vaporizer efficiency.
  • Tank Level Float Gauge – indicates tank level without using sight glasses.
  • Sight Glass Washer – electric pump draws fluid from chemical tank to wash sight glass interiors.
  • Oilbath Chainguard – completely enclosed chain drive with oilbath lubrication for the High Pressure Pump decreases wear and tear on chain and sprockets.
  • Plunger Lubricator – ratcheting lubricator automatically lubricates High Pressure Pump plungers when pump is in operation.
  • Auxiliary High Pressure Pump Lube System – electric pump to boost oil pressure in High Pressure Pump power end, recommended for low-speed pump operation.
  • High Pressure Pump Relief Valve – adjustable or shear-pin type relief valve relieves excess pressure back to the pump suction or service tank.
  • Centrifugal Feed Pump – centrifugal feed pumps require less frequent replacement than Viking pumps and offer comparable performance when pumping water or light-to-medium crude oil. They often will have higher flow than a Viking pump but they are limited to about 175 PSI output pressure.
  • Flow Meter – electronic flow meter/totalizer piped into discharge line, or between feed pump and heater with bypass line. Displays current flow rate and records total volume pumped.
  • Electronic Temp/Press Gauges – Altronic digital panel gauges have adjustable set points and bright easy to read LCD readouts.
  • Aluminum Discharge Pipes – lighter and easier to handle than steel pipe.
  • Lift Axle – third axle can allow for additional weight without the need for a permit.
  • Hydraulics Package – hydraulically driven Feed and Load Pumps. Fewer driveline components to lubricate or adjust, allows for infinite pump speed adjustment.
  • Additional Fuel Capacity - additional "stacked - 250" fuel tank or other custom fuel tank designs for longer running time