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Chandler Vacuum Trucks are designed to be safe and efficient to operate. They come equipped with many standard features that are options from other manufacturers. The units are easy to maintain and incredibly durable often outlasting the trucks they are mounted on. Chandler Vacuum Trucks can be equipped with 50-100 Bbl tanks and customer’s choice of compressors and load pumps. They are also available in Vacuum/Kill configuration with a High Pressure Pump. Typical Specifications are shown below:


  • Tank is Attached to Truck with 1/2” Plate Tiedowns and Grade 8 Bolts
  • Full Length hose Trays on Both Sides of Tank

Vacuum Tank

  • Available in single or multiple compartment designs up to 100 Bbl total capacity
  • Rated at 14.9 PSI Maximum Pressure
  • 72” Diameter x 1/4” Thick Tank Heads
  • 1/4” Thick Tank Shell
  • 1/4” Thick Pads for all load Bearing Tank Attachments
  • Heavy-Duty Tank Skid with 2° Slope
  • 12” Deep Sump at Rear of Tank
  • Full Baffles of 1/4” Plate
  • External Stiffening Rings of 3/8” x 2-1/2” Flat Bar
  • Float Gauge with Stainless Steel Ball
  • 20” Manways on top and Rear of Tank
  • Access Ladders to each Top Manway
  • Two (2) 4” Loading Connections with Butterfly Valves and Cam-Locks

Vacuum System

  • Masport HXL 75WV Liquid Cooled Compressor Mechanically Driven by Truck Transmission Mounted PTO.
  • Primary Portal Shutoff mounted on top of Tank
  • External Secondary Shutoff
  • Oil-Catch Muffler
  • Vacuum Relief Valve
  • Pressure Relief Valve

Load Pump (Optional)

  • 3” Bowie Load Pump Model 3300
  • Mechanically Driven from Truck Transmission Mounted PTO

High Pressure Pump (Optional)

  • SMC T165-5 (TEE99E) Triplex Pump
  • 3” Colomony Plungers (Other Plunger Sizes are Available)
  • 5” Stroke
  • High Pressure Cast Steel Fluid End for Well Service (Machined Steel Fluid End also Available)
  • Hardened Steel Valve Seats
  • Pump is Mechanically Driven with Spicer 792 Auxiliary Transmission
  • Heavy Duty Universal Joints and Driveline
  • Heavy Duty Chain Drive with 2.5:1 Ratio
  • 4” Suction Line piped into front of Vacuum Tank
  • 2” Schedule 160 Discharge line with Plug Valve and Swing Joint Connection


  • One (1)Toolbox
  • Controls Mounted Inside the Cab
  • Two (2) Work Lights
  • LED Clearance and Tail Lights
  • Heavy-Duty Rear Bumper with Tow Bar
  • Hose Rack on Rear Tank Head to Wrap Long Hoses


  • Sandblasted, Primed and Painted with a High Quality Polyurethane Epoxy
  • Customer Designated Paint Scheme of Two (2) Colors

Optional Equipment

Chandler Manufacturing constructs each unit to our customers’ specifications. We do not build “cookie-cutter” equipment. Our sales and engineering staff can work with you do design a Vacuum Truck that meets your specific needs. Several popular options are listed below.
  • ASME Code Tank – Vacuum tank built to ASME Pressure Vessel Code. Allows for a higher pressure rating and is required for hauling anything in the tank in some locations.
  • Interior Tank Coating – Several tank coatings are available to extend the life of the tank. Coatings range from standard Coal Tar to specific chemical resistant coatings from Tnemec.
  • Acrylic Sight Glass – 2” acrylic sight glasses can be installed in either head of the tank. They allow you to monitor the level and quality of the fluid in the tank.
  • Alternate Control Locations – Control panel may be mounted outside of the truck cab, on the side of the unit, or at the rear bumper.
  • Catwalk – Full length catwalk on driver side of tank.
  • Oilbath Chainguard – completely enclosed chain drive with oilbath lubrication for the High Pressure Pump decreases wear and tear on chain and sprockets.
  • Plunger Lubricator – ratcheting lubricator automatically lubricates High Pressure Pump plungers when pump is in operation.
  • Auxiliary High Pressure Pump Lube System – electric pump to boost oil pressure in High Pressure Pump power end, recommended for low-speed pump operation.
  • High Pressure Pump Relief Valve – adjustable or shear-pin type relief valve relieves excess pressure back to the pump suction or service tank.
  • Flow Meter – electronic flow meter/totalizer piped into discharge line. Displays current flow rate and records total volume pumped.
  • Pipe Racks – Heavy Duty pipe racks with doors for Discharge Pipe Storage.
  • Aluminum Discharge Pipes – lighter and easier to handle than steel pipe.
  • Lift Axle – third axle can allow for additional weight without the need for a permit.
  • Hydraulics Package – hydraulically driven Feed and Load Pumps. Fewer driveline components to lubricate or adjust, allows for infinite pump speed adjustment.